Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wimsical spring garden

This is one of my all time favorite bouquets! I really enjoyed putting this one together. This is also done with silk flowers. The bride didn't like the dark colored centers in the pink peonies so I hand painted them light green :)

Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Yellow and Grey are such a great combination. These are silk flowers. The grey flowers are handmade with a pearl center. The handle has strands of silver wire and pearls wrapped around it. I used lambs ear as the greenery in this one because it has kind of a grey sheen to it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bright spring bouquet with a hint of a dark side

This is the bouquet I designed for my brother's fiance Mackelle. She wanted me to try and use all four of her wedding colors; hot pink, bright yellow, lime green and purple. For the life of me I couldn't fix my camera's settings so that the purple flowers looked the purple they really are. They really aren't that blue. The flowers I used in this bouquet are white roses (large, medium and small), hot pink peony buds, yellow calla lilies, purple gerbera daisy's and lime green button mums.

Mackelle also really loves the funky look of feathers and wanted me to try and work them into the bouquet. I originally was going to do the feathers in a color, but in the end I decided black was the best option. This works because black and white is being used throughout the rest of the wedding as a backdrop for all the other colors. It really ties everything together.
I found this large and beautiful pin on ebay. It was less then 10.00 including shipping.
I love a good ebay find!

In these pics I noticed the purple tulle wasn't centered on the pink so I fixed it. But I was to tired to get out my camera and take more pictures.

This was a fun bouquet. I'm glad I could do it for my soon to be sister in law.
I can't wait to see her bridals. This bouquet is going to look amazing next to her white dress.
Thanks for looking. I should have another bouquet to post in about 2 weeks. So check back soon :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fiesty, Flirty and PINK!

Sorry these photo's aren't the best, but I love this bouquet so much I have to post it good pics or not!
I love the pink and purple combination of this bouquet and feathers give it a sort of rocker chic vibe.
The buckle on the handle of this bouquet is my absoluet favorite.

Really the pictures don't do this adorable bouquet justice!

The very un-redneck hunting and camo wedding

"How will I do this?" I wondered, when I first heard what the bride and groom wanted. Camo...horns...hunting...deer? How do use these things and make the cake not look like it belongs on something from that scary redneck wedding show?
Well, This is what I came up with....Thanks to the help of my amazing wedding cake baker, Daphne. We pulled it off. This isn't a cake that I would choose, but I ended up falling in love with it. I had so much fun creating the veil and tux tie for the deer on top of the cake. The stick monogram and burnt wood cake base also gave it perfect final touches.

 I also had fun putting together a different style that I've never done for the brides bouquet. She wanted it to look as though as if we gathered the flowers that morning from a mountain field. We used burlap and camo ribbon at the base of the bouquet. I was also pleasantly surprised at the outcome and everything turned out better then I could have hoped it would.

Orange and Red Spring wedding

This bouquet looke so vibrant and beautiful against the white backdrop of the brides dress. It was a very gray and rainy wedding day, this bouquet provided a splash of sunshine on the couples special day.